According to the American Diabetes Association, diabetes was the seventh leading cause of death in the United States in 2017. 


Diabetes may be underreported as a cause of death. Studies have found that only about 35% to 40% of people with diabetes who died had diabetes listed anywhere on the death certificate and about 10% to 15% had it listed as the underlying cause of death. What can be done to fight this deadly disease and help those diagnosed live, feel, and look good while managing their diabetes?

In her book, Diabetes Made Better, Author Danielle Batiste opens a world of understanding through personal experiences beginning the day of her own medical diagnosis. From a good night’s sleep to travel planning, Batiste and her co-authors provide tools and resources that will transform the lives of diabetics and their family members. 

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David Nelson

David Nelson was born In February 1969 in New Orleans, Louisiana. He is the oldest of nine children. Both of his parents are deceased.

David has been married to his lovely wife, Nakita, for over 20 years, and they have two children, which he adores. He was diagnosed with diabetes in his late 40s. His curiosity over where the disease came from led to him conducting further research on the disease.

David gathered the much-needed knowledge that allowed him to receive a duo transplant in 2.5 years of being on dialysis. Three and a half years later, David continues to do well with his duo transplant. He wanted to be a part of this book to share his journey and inform others that there is work to be done in the fight for a healthier you.

  David considers his research "life knowledge that changed his life for the healthier good.”


Carmen William

Carmen Williams, 47, was born in Hope, Arkansas on December 28th, 1973. She has happily been married to Jerry Williams for six years. She is the daughter of Gloria Philpot and Raymond Johnson.

After serving in the United States Army from 1993-2000, she dedicated her time to her children. She now has five children ranging in ages 10 to 26.

She settled in Lake Charles, Louisiana, and recently relocated to Crosby, Texas. Her season in Lake Charles allowed her to obtain a degree in Industrial Instrumentation from Sowela Technical Community College. This degree led her to a successful 13-year career as a generator operator at Westlake Chemical. Although health issues led her to medical leave, she is still enjoying the fruits of her labor from mothering and working.

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