Write the book, they said. Follow your passion, speak from the heart, get a great book cover, and watch the money flow in!


So you did all the above, and now all you hear is crickets? Are you wondering what you did wrong?  


First, you did nothing wrong. The problem is that most publishers and most book coaches conveniently ignore the fact that the real work of an author starts after you are published and, if you thought writing the book and publishing was hard, wait until you learn the nuts and bolts of what it really takes to be a profitable author!


(If you want me to make it simple for you, stay tuned, and mark your calendars for  Sunday, September 5th, at 7 pm EST.) 


Without the right tools and resources in place, even if you received some profit in the beginning, you will soon fall off and become like the average author who only sells 250 books in the lifetime of being published. 


As a publisher, there are some success secrets I want you to know that the big publishing houses will NEVER tell you. If you know these secrets, then you will know the key to unlocking your success as an author.



I will reveal: 

  • How the Top 5 publishing houses select which authors to publish… and WHY they do so. HINT: It’s because they’re not that great at selling books. 

  • What really makes a book successful and profitable for the author.

  • How to garner major distribution and media attention; and 

  • The risks of being distributed in major bookstores… as well as tips and tricks to getting that level of distribution (while mitigating these risks)! 

The reason too few authors are ever truly profitable is not an issue of luck or fame or fortune; it is much simpler and more surprising than you think.  If you are an author, or aspire to be one, you need to know these answers and more if you are ever going to be a profitable author!


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