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Fruition Publishing Concierge Services is proud to announce that you can now order all FIVE of The Holiday Boys®’ book series in 6 x 9 paperback and hardback!
The perfect size for your little ones and a treasured part of any family’s library.


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The Holiday Boys®


The Holiday Boys® is the tale of a brother preparing for his baby brother's arrival. With glee, he shares all the things he plans to do once his brother is born.Both boys are born on holidays, which is why they are referred to as "The Holiday Boys".

The Holiday Boys® & The Tall Man


The Tall Man, the 2nd book in The Holiday Boys® book series of teachable lessons for children, reveals the brothers' challenges with common fears. As their imaginations start to take over, they are forced to come together to solve the mystery of The Tall Man. Who is The Tall Man and what does he have in store for The Holiday Boys®?

The Holiday Boys® Make A New Friend


A New Friend, the 3rd book in The Holiday Boys® series of teachable lessons for children, discusses problems little brother is having at school. To his dismay, many of his classmates are playing pranks on him. As you read his difficult journey, you will discover how a special friend helps little brother solve the mystery of why his classmates are playing pranks on him. His new friend also helps him realize how special he is.

The Holiday Boys® Present: Big Brother's Little Problem

Big Brother's Little Problem is the 4th book in The Holiday Boys® series of teachable lessons for children. Big Brother deals with a problem known by all older siblings: a younger sibling that wants to follow you everywhere, leaving very little room for privacy. But Big Brother discovers a blessing in disguise in having a younger sibling that refuses to leave his side. 

The Holiday Boys® - Learn responsibility,



The Holiday Boys are at it again, and this time, Bring Your Pet to School Day is the reason why. After seeing the different pets their classmates have, The Holiday Boys devise a plan to ask Mommy and Daddy for a pet of their own. But pets are a lot of responsibility.


Vocaciones Niñ​os - Aprender Responsabilidad,


The Holiday Boys Learn Responsibility (Spanish): Vocaciones Ninos Aprender Responsabilidad 


Los Holiday Boys están de nuevo, y esta vez, el día de traer a su mascota a la escuela es la razón. Después de ver las diferentes mascotas que tienen sus compañeros de clase, The Holiday Boys idean un plan para pedirles a mamá y papá una mascota propia. Pero las mascotas son una gran responsabilidad.


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