Trudy Nelson Stiff

This Far By Faith

Events have constantly unfolded in my life that have, at such a time as this, enabled me to put together a “testimonial journey of my life” and how in the midst of its trials and hardships, I made it by my faith and God’s grace. I hope that my story will be a vessel of Hope, Encouragement, and Inspiration to someone who may face difficult times. 


Always remember, God is able, and His word is true. Nothing is impossible with God. I am a living, breathing, walking, and talking witness! 


Whatever situations we encounter in our lives, there is an answer on how to get through them throughout the Bible. Just keep the faith, and God will see you through! Just trust Him. And hold onto your faith. 


I wish you much love and blessings! 


-Trudy Stiff

  • Trudy N. Stiff is the epitome of I don’t look like what I’ve been through. This Far By Faith takes you on a personal and transparent journey of how she overcame many life obstacles simply by faith. She takes you through the highs and lows of childhood, family ties, love, life, death, and so much more.

         -Kathy Taylor, Author|Speaker|Coach

  • As if propelled on invisible wings, readers will effortlessly glide over page by page of This Far By Faith. Not only is this a story of pain and loss through the years that would break even the strongest person, but it is also a testament of one woman’s strong faith in God’s abiding love.

        -Carol Gee, M.A., Author of the "Girlfriends’ books"

  • In these times, we all need inspiration, and Mrs. Stiff is the epitome of that and then some. We hear and know about how our faith can carry us through, but when you hear all her challenges and adversities, you will wonder how one person can manage to have the grace, positivity, and strength that she does. There are some heart-stopping, painful moments, but your soul will be on fire through every twist and turn.

         -Alesha Brown, The Joy Guru       

          CEO, Fruition Publishing Concierge Services


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